1. What regions are you present in?
    • US/Canada
    • Europe


  1. Do you offer trials?

  2. Yes! We have 8 hour trials with full functionality of the basic plan.

  3. What are the rules for trials?
    • You can only order one trial
    • You can only order trial once
    • Trial plan is always the basic one (cheapest)

Control Panel

  1. Do you offer a standard (say TCAdmin) or a custom control panel?

  2. We offer our custom panel. We believe it's easy to use, simple yet effective.


  1. Do you offer automatic payments?

  2. Yes! Plesfore is a subscription-based service for the convenience of our users. Subscriptions may be cancelled whenever you'd like.

  3. What happens if I don't pay for my server?

  4. After trial has expired, your account get suspended. You have still 24 hours to pay and retain it. If you don't, the server is deleted.

  5. What is your refund policy?

  6. You refund within 7 days under the following conditions:

    • there was no policy violation
    • service was not purchased with promocodes
    • there may be up to 30% restocking fee

  7. Can I purchase my plan at a yearly rate?

  8. Yes. You can then expect discounts up to 30%.

Affiliate Program

Details here.